Tower Crane School of Phoenix is proud to announce that we are now offering training for those looking to become cell tower technicians. The Telecommunications Cell Tower Technician program will assist the wireless community with trained tower workers understanding the safety hazards, rope access skills, quality installation, rigging, and technical training to address the demand for skilled workers. Components of the course include:

  • ​OHSA regulations
  • ​Basic rigging
  • Wireless rope access
  • First aid / CPR
  • Radio frequency awareness
  • Wireless signaling
  • Telkore installation
  • Field safety
  • DOT / driver's education
  • Heavy machinery awareness
  • Electrical safety


Telecommunications Cell Tower Technician

Prerequisites:  High school diploma, GED or Ability to Benefit, proof of 18 yrs. of age and a medical clearance card.
Clock hours:  122
Credential to be awarded: Certificate of completion